Photo: Art in Black - Model: Saphira Spanks Undergroundfashion by Verona Gummibaum

Stands for hand-crafted, custom-made quality and is no bulk article!
All displayed outfits and accessories are creations by Verona Gummibaum, which I designed and created in my manufacture in Munich.

Verona Gummibaum attaches great importance to high quality, premium raw materials, fit and workmanship. Many of the outfits and accessories displayed here are custom-made! But in order to give you a deeper insight into my creations, I will gladly invite you into my Studio.
Of course, I would be glad to create custom-made pieces according to your wishes or tailored to your measurements.

Additionally, I offer favorable terms to photo, film and video productions as well as to mistresses and slaves for rental of individual pieces.
Please contact me for details.