For photographers:
I am not looking for voyeurs or snapshooters!
I will appreciate those who meet the high expectations, who can realize fetish photography as art in a qualified manner, who have already done some work in this field, who demonstrate his or her skills on a tasteful home page and who are open to the topic "Phrensesis".
He or she should also have some experience in Image Editing and be able to create at least 10 pictures per series for Fetish-Underground (Note: one project includes at least 4 series).
Furthermore, he or she agrees to the publishing of his or her information in the section "Photographers".

For models:
I have models in mind who do not represent the conventional sense of beauty and who deviate from the ordinary.
Freaks, extraordinary people (preferably with piercings, tattoos, shaved etc) with a noble paleness, strength of character, personality and charisma who also have the guts for a certain kind of aesthetic ugliness.
Additionally: acting skills, expressivity in facial expressions and gestures to put themselves in the position of a madman and embody this role.
Furthermore these individuals should have no phobia against restraints such as bonds, gags, restricting and laced up attire or against being strapped down.
As the outfits are not black but slightly transparent and for the most part expose the breasts fully or partly, the model should have no problem with that, either.
It goes without saying that the pictures, as well as the models, will have their own place "here".